The Health Effects of Stress

Join Lauren Loya, MD for a presentation about The Health Effects of Stress. Find out how stress is something that everyone deals with and is something we actually need to function at our optimal levels. If not properly managed though, stress can have negative health consequences on our physical bodies, our emotions, our mental health, as well as our adrenal glands which are the main glands that handle stress. Dr. Loya will go into detail about the body’s stress response system and how it is designed to handle stress. She’ll cover the different parts of the body that are affected by stress and the symptoms that come with it. And finally, she’ll offer suggestions on how to manage stress on your own and show you how we approach stress management for our patients at The Hormone Center.

My Doctor Tells Me My Thyroid is Normal

 Join Dr. Lauren Loya to find out what is happening to your hormones as you age and how you can fight the decline with integrative medicine. This presentation will focus on thyroid function.