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Integrative Medicine Symposium – Detoxifying Your Environment

Naturopath Jeanie Anderson discusses detoxifying our environment and how it affects our stressors. The chemicals in our systems from our foods, cosmetics, and other inputs add to our bodily stressors. Ingredients we come into contact with build up in our systems and cause environmental health problems. With little control over what we breathe from the air and ingest in our water, Jeanie discusses how we can take action to protect ourselves through our actions. Jeanie discusses chemicals in our own home, cleaning products, detergent, fragrant chemicals, hygiene products, and their effects on the body and gene expression. Jeanie lists alternatives to chemical laden compounds and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Jeanie uses muscle testing to determine sensitivities and imbalances for Total Body Modification and Natural Healing.

Integrative Medicine Symposium – What are Compounded Medications? – Jeffrey Mustovic

Jeffrey Mustovic RHP discusses compounding pharmaceuticals, origins, and compounding as essential to integrating healthcare between the patient and doctor and achieving outcomes. Compounding is individualized prescription creation, and Jeffrey discusses what separates a pharmacist from a compounding pharmacist, extra training involved, accreditation to look for, 3rd party review, as well as temperature and humidity controlled labs, and sterilization being essential to achieving the outcomes a prescriber intends.

Integrative Medicine Symposium – Panel Conversation and Q and A

The panel discusses questions submitted by those in attendance at the Integrative Medicine Symposium. Dr. Loya discusses what she saw when she was a traditional style doctor, shortcomings of diagnosis procedure, and really understanding patients and their needs. She discusses the Women's Health Initiative study that has been misunderstood by much of the medical community. A question on age limits and limitations of effectiveness for bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Loya discusses auto-immune diseases, naltrexone, sleep, and estrogen.

The Pure Energy Program (PEP)

The Pure Energy Program (PEP) is an online program where participants eat real whole foods for 11 days. Foods include vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, gluten free grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. "Crowded out" foods include gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods. The results are amazing! Use food as medicine - you can do anything for 11 days!

Dr. Lauren Loya MD TED Talk on Integrative Medicine

Lauren Loya M.D. discusses (at the Women's Heath Conversations conference) the innovative approaches that Integrative and Holistic Medicine employs to help patients get to the source of their issues, rather than just treat symptoms.

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