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Treating Auto Immune Disorders through the Lens of Integrative Medicine


Medical Director of The Hormone Center, Lauren Loya M.D., discusses why traditional medicine may not know how to treat diseases. Dr. Loya discusses how to treat auto immune disorders like Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome among others. In the world of Integrative Medicine the theory is that autoimmunity is coming from the gut. We want to fix the problem at its core, rather than just giving drugs to suppress the immune system or treat the symptom or "end stage". Dr. Loya also discusses epigenetics and gene expression.

The Importance of Hormone Ratios over Actual Levels

Hormone Center Founder Lauren Loya M.D., discusses the symphony of hormone balance and some of the most common of the over 100 hormones in your system. She discusses how the balance of hormones is more important than the actual levels of hormones in an individual's’ body. Dr. Loya gives some common signs of hormone deficiencies and what type of effects it has on the body. She discusses how the various hormones interact with one another, and how to establish probable cause for a diagnosis by grouping checklists of the hormone system symptoms.

Why More than Half the Population with Hypothyroid Problems go Undiagnosed

Hormone Center founder, Lauren Loya, M.D. discusses imperfect testing in medicine today. How many symptoms like, fatigue, weight gain, fluid retention, hair loss, anxiety, and poor sleep can be related to thyroid disorders, while common testing shows their thyroid is in range. Often only the TSH test is checked in traditional medicine, leaving out the entire conversion system of these hormones. At The Hormone Center, we check TSH, free t4, t3, reverse t3 which gives a much greater view of the whole thyroid conversion system. Using this knowledge, The Hormone Center can correctly prescribe and supplement to right the thyroid system.

Integrative Medicine Symposium – What your Traditional Doc Doesn’t Know About Your Thyroid – Dr. Lauren Loya

Dr. Lauren Loya M.D. talks about how The Hormone Center has built its treatment of thyroid problems by going in depth where traditional medicine stands still. She explains the chemical processes occurring along the whole path leading up to and beyond the thyroid itself. Dr. Loya discusses shortcomings in traditional medicine's approach to diagnosing thyroid imbalances, misdiagnosis, and mistreatment stemming from misdiagnosis and a lack of understanding for the whole thyroid system itself. Dr. Loya discusses why 60% of thyroid symptoms go undiagnosed, and how misdiagnosis of thyroid symptoms is related to an antiquated medical understanding of thyroid function. Dr. Loya then goes into what The Hormone Center knows that others do not.

Integrative Medicine Symposium – Doctor Talk About Hormone Systems – Dr. Amy Hursh

Dr. Amy Hursh D.O. discusses hormones and just how deeply they factor into our physical and emotional well-being. Dr. Hursh talks about how typical doctors diagnose diseases and treat symptoms within established criteria but don't focus on optimizing hormone levels and hormone interplay. She talks about shortcomings of medical school nutritional education as a factor in prescription heavy medical approaches. Dr, Hursh talks about estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid hormones and how they play into our everyday lives. She discusses testing hormone levels and interplay through saliva testing and nutritional evaluation (Nutraeval). Dr. Hursh discusses pharmaceutical grade supplements and recommendations on a patient to patient basis with attention to genetic predisposition.

Integrative Medicine Symposium – Using Your Food As Medicine, and Your Medicine as Food – Sandy Campbell

Sandy Campbell, owner of Holistic Health Solutions Group speaks extensively about the food we eat and how it directly correlates to our health. Sandy discusses the Pure Energy Program (PEP Program) a whole foods, clean eating, food elimination diet. Sandy talks about FLS and how symptoms like being tired, lacking energy, gut problems, joint pain, psoriasis, headaches, anxiety, weight gain, depressed mood, irritability. Sandy discusses inflammation underlying all these symptoms at the cellular level. She discusses how the standard American diet is a silent contributor to many diseases and sensitivities that have become commonplace in the United States today. Sandy discusses why food is so important to our composition, from gut health to neurotransmitters in the brain to reactions at the cellular level. Major food inputs causing inflammation and chronic disease in people today include gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods. Other foods which can sometimes contribute to FLS are grains, eggs, soy, corn, nuts, nightshade vegetables. Most are not sensitive to all these foods, but when experiencing problems removing variable foods systematically to observe the effect.

Integrative Medicine Symposium – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Skin Care Additives – Lynn Zamberlan

Lynn Zamberlan, owner of Divine Skin Naturally, discusses how things we put on our skin are absorbed into our body. Lynn discusses daily hygiene products, various types of makeup, and how they can be toxic to our system, disrupt our hormones, and cause cancer. Lynn discusses what constitutes a compound being organic according to the FDA. Lynn empowers the crowd with an understanding of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of additives and what is most important to look for, and also to avoid in products we put on our skin.

Integrative Medicine Symposium – What is Biological Dentistry? – Dr. Harvey Block

Dr. Harvey Block, a biological dentist, tells his story and discusses biological dentistry. He focuses on mercury being used in dental procedures and the harmful effects on the body. He also discusses mercury in our food and how to be proactive about removing mercury from the body to lessen the mercury toxicity in your body. He discusses the shortcomings of dentistry's understanding of mercury use.

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