Trigger Point Therapy

We treat the cause . . . not the symptom

What is Trigger Point?

For those experiencing muscle pain, trigger point injections may be an option.  It is used to relax stubborn muscle knots.  Many people can feel the knots under their skin. Often those same knots cause referred pain felt elsewhere. For example, have you ever worked out a knot in your shoulder and you feel relief in your neck?

In a trigger point injection session, a small needle containing a local anesthetic is inserted into the patient’s trigger point areas.  The procedure takes between 5 - 10 minutes. The effect is immediate and usually results in sustained relief. You’ll feel better before you leave the office!

Available in Cranberry Twp office only




Single Session: $60

Three Sessions: $150


To schedule call 412-432-7909 and direct your call to the Cranberry office.

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