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Nutrition Counseling

Given all of the information that people are bombarded with regarding nutrition, it’s understandable why many are confused. At the core of many health issues lies nutrition.

Adages such as “you are what you eat” and “food as medicine” all hold true.

Altering how one eats is often proves difficult because one is being asked to change years of ingrained behavior in addition to having an unsupportive environment.

Examples to consider:

• Would you give your child a soda with breakfast? And yet apple and orange juices have virtually the same sugar content as soda.

• Consuming diary can exacerbate allergies.

• Gluten, a protein, offers no nutritional or taste value to breads. It is used to bind bread together so it doesn’t crumble as easily. However the body does not possess to the enzymes to process gluten and many people have gluten sensitivities without having Celiac disease.

• In lab experiments, when given the choice, mice have been shown to choose sugar over cocaine, demonstrating how hard it is to “get off sugar”.

• The Standard American Diet (SAD) is comprised of 70% carbs (which convert to sugar in the body). There is no recommended daily allowance for carbs.

• A calorie is not a calorie. Would eating a candy bar with 210 calories have the same physiological effect on the body as eating 210 calories of broccoli?

We have three approaches to helping patients improve their nutrition.

Group Program

The Hormone Center is proud to partner with Holistic Health Solutions Group to provide affordable, interactive, internet-based nutrition counseling through the Pure Energy Program (PEP). For additional information, please visit:

Cost: $125

Individual Program

We offer one on one coaching with a registered nurse specially trained to educate and motivate patients. By understanding the physiological effect of foods (especially on hormone balance) patients can achieve results. Coaching includes the development of individual meal plans that the patients “can live with”.

Cost: $100 per hour

How To Health Movement (12 weeks)

For patients who desire a comprehensive approach to lifestyle change, we offer The How To Health program. Individual coaching sessions are included within the program. For more information, please visit:

Cost: $1,450 (total for 3 months)

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