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Sandy Campbell, owner of Holistic Health Solutions Group speaks extensively about the food we eat and how it directly correlates to our health. Sandy discusses the Pure Energy Program (PEP Program) a whole foods, clean eating, food elimination diet. Sandy talks about FLS and how symptoms like being tired, lacking energy, gut problems, joint pain, psoriasis, headaches, anxiety, weight gain, depressed mood, irritability. Sandy discusses inflammation underlying all these symptoms at the cellular level. She discusses how the standard American diet is a silent contributor to many diseases and sensitivities that have become commonplace in the United States today. Sandy discusses why food is so important to our composition, from gut health to neurotransmitters in the brain to reactions at the cellular level. Major food inputs causing inflammation and chronic disease in people today include gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods. Other foods which can sometimes contribute to FLS are grains, eggs, soy, corn, nuts, nightshade vegetables. Most are not sensitive to all these foods, but when experiencing problems removing variable foods systematically to observe the effect.