Fibromyalgia & CFS

We treat the cause. . . not the symptom

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Many Fibro and CFS patients are misunderstood by the medical community. Many physicians believe that it’s all “in the patient’s head”. As such, medical providers often do not how to treat fibro patients beyond heavy pain medications and sleeping pills.

Symptoms for Fibromyalgia include long lasting:

• Muscle Aches
• Headaches
• Tender Points
• Fatigue
• Sleep Disturbances
• Brain Fog
• Symmetrical Pain
• Anxiety
• Depression

Physical traumatic events such as surgery, car accidents, infections (such as mononucleosis), or even psychological stress can often trigger symptoms. Some patients can identify a specific point in time when their symptoms started. For other patients the symptoms develop over time.

Fibro and CFS affect women more than men.

Fibro and CFS patients were formally high functioning individuals. Many patients formerly had high demanding lifestyles and careers. Now they have trouble getting out of bed. A night out to the movies could result in being bedridden for days afterwards.

Restful sleep is almost impossible. Well-meaning advice such as “you need to exercise more” only makes matters worse.

We believe that Fibro and CFS may be immune system disorders. Specifically cellular mitochondria are not producing energy the way they used to, leading to a chain reaction of symptoms. By bolstering the immune system, Fibro and CFS patients often experience a reduction in symptoms.

Fibro and CFS patients can be complex due to the various health issues involved. We strive to treat all of the issues at the same time. Our treatments involve:

• Sleep stabilization
• Hormone Balance
• Gut health including treatment for irritable bowel syndrome, candida (yeast) and leaky gut syndrome.
• Dietary changes
• Use of supplements
• Use of Vitamin IVs to jump start the immune system
• Trigger point therapy
• Naturopathic treatments

There is no cure for Fibro or CFS. Patients who come to our practice do not want to be on strong pain medications that make them unable to function. By employing various treatment options, we can often help patients get some semblance of their lives back.

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