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Tired of managing symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem
At The Hormone Center, we strive to get to the bottom of symptoms that the traditional medical community doesn't have the time or in-depth health history and patient relationship to uncover. Insurance companies dictate how long most docs can see patients, which is why you may spend 10 minutes or even less with your doc. This perpetuates a culture of managing symptoms rather than uncovering and treating core causes of issues. This is a major shortcoming of the traditional system, and one of the main reasons Lauren Loya MD founded the Hormone Center in 2008.
I'm looking to get to the bottom of my symptoms and find the cause

At The Hormone Center we specialize in advanced testing to uncover the true cause of broad ranging symptoms. Finding the core cause of symptoms is one of our fortes. We have access to over a hundred advanced tests and depending on your symptoms, can pinpoint specific tests which will give us a greater understanding of your particular symptoms.

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Think you're on too many medications? You may be right.
We've all seen or know people who are on multiple prescriptions, maybe this is even you. Those people didn't start that way, over time different docs have added more medications to their list. This is a sign that only symptoms of your condition are being addressed. When you uncover the cause of an illness it rarely takes multiple medications to address it.

We've seen patients come to us on 10 different medications, where 5 medications were to treat symptoms of illness and the other 5 were to deal with side effects of the first 5. There must be another way to practice medicine.. we came to the same conclusion in 2008.

We work differently and collaborate with other docs and providers to 'right the ship'.

Don't sleep well, always tired?

Insomnia, difficulty staying asleep, waking rested.. some people have all but given up on a good nights sleep. One word, DON'T.

Quality sleep doesn't have to be elusive, and taking sleep meds doesn't allow for the type of regenerative and cleansing sleep that we need. Reaching deep stages of sleep are essential for the human body to recharge, cleanse the body and brain, and naturally create HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Quality sleep is within your reach, let us figure out what's keeping you awake at night.

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Synthroid not helping?
Synthroid is a medication commonly prescribed to treat people with thyroid issues. Synthroid may be effective for some people, but for most it doesn't do the trick. The reason synthroid falls short for many people is actually not complicated, synthroid is artificial T4. T4 is part of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) production system and is an inactive compound. T4 is converted to other thyroid compounds that are active, like T3 and reverse T3 among others.

The simple reason synthroid doesn't work for many people is because their thyroid problem stems from a conversion issue, rather than a production issue. So adding synthroid won't correct this and may even make the imbalance worse. Our advanced testing goes far beyond what most docs test for, allowing us to uncover the cause of the thyroid imbalance rather than throwing medications at the problem. Then we can pinpoint what the problem is and address it directly.

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Weight Gain
Many of our patients come to us struggling with weight gain. While there can be various causes for weight problems, weight gain can be directly related to hormone imbalance, often specifically a thyroid imbalance which inhibits people from losing weight. We deal extensively with weight issues and the core causes.
Always dealing with health issues after they occur?

Our current 'health care' system in the United States should really be titled 'sick care'. The focus is on addressing problems and managing symptoms of illness when they occur. This is not the best option, and we believe the future of health care is proactive healthcare, where we identify potential problems before they occur and make changes proactively. Often we get caught up in taking care of everyone else around us and focusing on ourself last. We slip into bad habits and stressors compound issues we normally would've taken care of. We want to change that.

Menopause/Andropause (Low T)

You don't feel like you used to, you've seen your body change, you have less energy to take on tasks you used to dominate. Maybe you've noticed yourself becoming more irritable. We address declining hormone levels and menopause/andropause in many of our patients. You can't change your age, but you can redefine what it feels like to be your age.

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Dealing with fatigue
Fatigue is a symptom that can be caused by many different combinations of factors. Often fatigue is directly related to the five pillars of health (Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Hormone Balance). No two people are exactly alike, which is why we take the time to get a comprehensive background on each patient and address each area that contributes to fatigue. Chronic fatigue can be a complex issue, and we understand that.

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Dealing with stress

We all deal with stress on a daily basis, though our bodies haven't evolved to deal with the consistency of stressors we find ourselves dealing with in the 21st century. Stress directly impacts our hormone production, and can set off a chain reaction which can wreck our sleep and cause issues to surface that we would otherwise fend off easily. It is essential to address problems before we reach a breaking point, where the human body can crash, become ill, and at the very least perform at a sub par level to our expectations.

Many of our patients are highly driven individuals and some are even professional athletes who exist in a high stress world all the time.

Myself or my daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormone imbalance, typically manifesting itself as a surplus of testosterone. It can cause problems with periods and make it difficult to get pregnant. It affects as many as 1 out of 15 women. Often the symptoms begin in the teen years.

The ovaries normally make a small amount of male sex hormones (androgens). In PCOS patients, the ovaries make excess androgens such as testosterone. Excess testosterone production can lead to irregular (or cessation of) periods, increased facial/body hair, weight gain, male pattern baldness and acne.

PCOS is a leading cause of infertility. Additionally insulin resistance may occur which can cause elevated blood sugar levels and increase the risk for diabetes.

Traditional Medicine's answer for PCOS in young girls is to put them on a birth control pill. This is not the only way to treat PCOS.

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You don't think you should be on antidepressant or anxiety medication
In an effort to treat symptoms, traditional medicine sometimes uses antidepressant and/or anxiety medication. These medications can be harmful to the human body and to brain function. Depending on the issue, this may not be the correct path.

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