Allergy Drops

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Allergy Drops

Allergy drops may be a solution for allergy sufferers. The drops consist of natural allergens in a glycerin base - the same vaccine that allergists use through injections. Like injection immunotherapy, allergy drops stimulate the immune system to protect against environmental airborne allergens without drug side effects.

No one likes to get shots, especially kids. The drops can be self-administered under the tongue without the risk of dangerous reactions (such as anaphylactic shock).

Diagnosis is done through blood testing which is significantly more accurate than the traditional skin prick test.

Patients fill out an allergy questionnaire which is reviewed by a medical provider. If allergy symptoms exist, the medical provider issues a blood lab order for the patient.

Once the results are received, the medical provider reviews the findings to determine whether environmental allergies exist. If so, the patient visits with the medical provider to go over the findings as well as to start treatment.

If no environmental allergies exist, the medical provider will inform the patient as well as discuss whether the patient wants to explore other potential causes of their symptoms.

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