We deal with many stressors on a daily basis in our busy lives.The keys to dealing with stress can come down to our mindset and ability to identify and manage the very things that cause us stress. Nicole Trombley, owner of Pillar Wellness, takes us through how to create a 5 Step Plan for a holistic stress management plan.    

“If you really want to escape the things that harass you, what you’re needing is not to be in a

different place but to be a different person right now.”
 ~ Seneca

Stress is a normal part of being human, none of us are free from experiencing stress and no one promised life would be without it!  It’s how we handle and respond to it that make all the difference. The great news is that stress management is a learned skill! If we are consistent in our practice of stress management techniques, we will no longer be greatly affected by it.

You can create your own personalized stress management plan with the five following steps:

  1. Awareness  
  2. Self Inventory
  3. Stress Resilience
  4. Stress Prevention Strategies
  5. Relaxation & Self Regulation Techniques


Awareness is always the first step toward any change we desire to make.  Think about your life currently...what are your biggest stressors? What causes the most stress for you? List your triggers here:



Next we must identify our own relationship to stress:  our beliefs, our history and how we approach stressful situations (mindset).  

What are your beliefs about stress?

For example, perhaps you believe that you must experience a lot of stress to be successful.  



Stress management is all about changing what you can (you) and accepting what you cannot change (everything else).  One of the most powerful things we can do to manage our stress more effectively is to increase our own stress resiliency.  Stress resilience is an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity.

What can YOU change about YOU to manage your stress more effectively?



We all have people, places, things and activities that bring us joy.  They will also help prevent stress. When make time in our lives for the things that replenish us, enlighten our spirits and fill our cups, we are more apt to handle whatever comes our way.

Stress prevention techniques include daily, lifestyle related things that help nourish you in mind, body & spirit. Some examples include reading, listening to music, cooking, yoga, painting, running, etc.

What is ONE new stress prevention strategy you can try?  When, where etc will you do it?



Relaxation and self regulation are the tools when you are already in a stress response.  These are the techniques that help bring your body and mind back to homeostasis after the train has left the station.  Some examples include deep breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, etc.

What are some relaxation and self regulation techniques you can try?


CONGRATS!  You have just completed your own personalized holistic stress management program!

Review your plan regularly, remain open-minded and pay attention to your mind and body and schedule time for the strategies you picked.  Over time, you will find that the stress in your life no longer takes over. You are always in control!


Best of luck!  My very best, Nicole Trombley



Download the worksheet here https://www.hormonecenter.net/resources/