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The Hormone Center is An Integrative Medical Practice in Pittsburgh, PA

We Are Your Alternative to Traditional Medicine

Offering thyroid treatment, adrenal support, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy through cream, pellets, or capsules.


The Hormone Center is An Integrative Medical Practice in Pittsburgh, PA

We Are Your Alternative to Traditional Medicine

Offering thyroid treatment, adrenal support, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy through cream, pellets, or capsules.


What We Treat


Common symptoms include: Irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, frequent urinary tract infections, fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, decreased libido.

Adrenal Fatigue

Common symptoms include: Fatigue even after a long night’s sleep, inability to handle stress, weakened immune system, low sex drive, joint pain, loss of muscle tone.


Common symptoms include: Missed or irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, thinning hair, acne, mood changes, sleep problems, infertility, depression, weight gain, fatigue.


Common symptoms include: Sexual dysfunction, loss of libido, fatigue, loss of strength, irritability and mood swings, depression, increased body fat, hot flashes,

Fibromyalgia & CFS

Common symptoms include: Muscle aches, headaches, tender points, fatigue, sleep disturbances, brain fog, symmetrical pain, anxiety, depression.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Common symptoms include: Fatigue, depression, weight gain, cold extremities, constipation, hair loss, poor memory and concentration, anxiety, shortness of breath, palpitations, PMS.

A Look Into Our Practice

At The Hormone Center, we focus on the cause, not the symptom. We are an integrative medical practice and we put our clients first.

  • We begin with a detailed questionnaire to help our medical providers to get a better more comprehensive understanding of your symptoms. This questionnaire also helps us to determine if your symptoms are hormone related and if we can help you.
  • Our medical providers utilize this questionnaire and the health history that you provide at your initial appointment to determine the testing that they would like to prescribe.
  • We prescribe thorough  blood and saliva testing to get a picture of your endocrine function. 
  • Our providers will then utilize these results to establish a treatment plan to address any dysfunction, imbalance or nutritional deficiencies.
  • Our treatment plans consist of a combination of traditional medicine, integrative medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and high-quality nutraceuticals.

Lauren Loya, M.D.

Founder and Medical Director

A Doctor's Journey

I started to realize something was wrong when I saw a patient who was on 10 medications. The first five dealt with ailments while the second five were for the side effects of the first five. Despite the medications, the patient didn't feel any better. This was the beginning of my inquiry into another way to practice medicine.

Additional Services We Offer

IV Therapy

IV Therapy is an extremely effective way to receive vital nutrients and experience their benefits. Our IVs are designed to help a myriad of conditions.


We offer a range of aesthetic treatments to help you look and feel your best. We aim for natural looking results with our Botox and Filler Treatments.

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We serve patients In person and via telemedicine

with Secure video consults, on your terms.

I have never felt better. PMDD was taking over and I needed help fast. They check so many levels that no other doctors would look at. I can’t recommend this place enough.
Emily Greif
Emily Greif
Lauren is amazing!! She helped and guided me to find exactly what I was looking for. Her knowledge & professionalism was great and made me feel super comfortable!! I am so happy to have come to her for my first ever injection service! I will be back for sure! Also the office is super easy to find, cleanly, and employs the nicest nurses!! Love love love it here
Meghan Plietz
Meghan Plietz
This was my first time at The Hormone Center. The staff was super friendly and they discussed pricing and my goals with me prior to starting any portion of the injection process. My injector was Mia and not only did she have immense knowledge on all the services there, she also focuses on making sure the filler is placed strategically so it is evenly spread out and will not migrate passed the Vermillion border(the edges of the lips), as many people experience this when getting lip filler incorrectly. She also didn’t go overboard being it was my first time! It was a clean, safe, and comfortable experience. I will definitely be back!
Micah Stopp
Micah Stopp
I've been going to Dr. Loya since October 2009. She has taken excellent care of me and changed my life for the better in so many ways. Her depth of knowledge, compassion, patience, and determination to get to the root of the problem are true and valuable assets to every one of her patients. I simply can not recommend her highly enough.
Eliska Hahn
Eliska Hahn
Lauren made my first Botox experience so comfortable and easy!! She was so professional and personable throughout my appointment. I would definitely recommend seeing Lauren Humensky if you are a first time or returning customer. She’s the best!
Erin Delaney
Erin Delaney
Dr. Loya has helped me get through a very rough time in peri-menopause and now moving into menopause. I cannot recommend this office highly enough! It is expensive- she does not take insurance- but will provide the codes to your services and you can hopefully get your insurance company to cover some of the cost. It works out to be around 100-120/month when you break it all down- not covered. I would be a mess without my natural hormones and supplements she prescribes- it is all through blood work and saliva testing and is extremely thorough. If you do not live in Pittsburgh (as I now do not) you can do telemedicine- it's amazing. I wish all women could have access to such care going into and through change of life- it has fixed nerve pain, night sweats, vertigo, you name it- all over the course of 5 years right now. If you experience such issues, please call her office now and get an appointment- I promise it will change your change of life experience for the better!
Erin Annarella
Erin Annarella

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