Customized Skin Care

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Customized Skin Care

Through a partnership with Lynn Zamberlan of Divine Skin Naturally, we are proud to offer customized skin care. In taking a holistic approach to skin care, we only use organic products, with bio-available ingredients, to customize each treatment. To meet our standards, it not only has to be organic and of superior quality, but it also has to work! Lynn loves educating clients to empower them to make educated decisions about what they use on their skin, for this, she has been called an ingredient guru. Having personally dealt with teen and adult acne, and now “mature” skin, Lynn feels confident that she has the skills and experience to help you reach your skin care goals.

We use the highly exclusive ELINA ORGANICS line of products. As the ONLY source for ELINA ORGANICS in the Pittsburgh metro area, we offer our patients unmatched, SUPERIOR quality.

Lynn also provides completely customized skincare. Through “muscle testing” Lynn is able to identify which ingredients may negatively affect a patient. She can customize and bottle skin care products uniquely suited for each patient.



Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, skin resurfacing procedure that gently exfoliates or polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells, while stimulating collagen growth, to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother. Fine lines, blemishes, dull skin and sun spots can be improved, especially with regular treatments. Products such as moisturizers, creams and lotions are more easily absorbed and therefore more effective after microdermabrasion treatment. This is a painless, low-risk skin treatment that can be added to your beauty routine.

We use only Diamond Microdermabrasion so there is no dangerous residue that could be ingested or inhaled during the procedure. Your treatment includes at least three passes of microdermabrasion, an appropriate and always organic mask, followed by an organic moisturizer applied to the skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion – $125

Diamond Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel – $200


Chemical Peel

As we age, dead skin cells do not slough off as easily as when we are younger, causing the skin to appear dull. Light, medium and deep chemical peels are a popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure used to peel away the skin’s top layer to improve sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin. Improving the evenness of color and texture in your skin creates a youthful look and restores a healthy, luminous and radiant appearance.

Light to Medium Chemical Peels – $125

Medium to Deep TCA Peel – $135

Organic DNA Chemical Peel (First Layer) – $140

  • Each Additional Layer – $15



Microcurrent Nonsurgical Facelift

Looking for a lift but don’t want the hassle or invasiveness of facelift surgery? Try our Microcurrent Nonsurgical Facelift. Microcurrent is a safe, effective, non-invasive, and non-surgical facial sculpting treatment. It can lift, sculpt, and tighten your face. This is a procedure that has NO DOWNTIME and results are immediate. It is a technique that uses a safe micro-current with electrical energy to stimulate and strengthen the muscle tissue under the skin. By doing so, you regain that “plump and youthful” look to your skin again. The treatment literally lifts, smoothes, and tightens before your eyes. Since you are “re-educating” the muscle tissue, it is crucial that you receive a “series” of treatments for results to reach their maximum potential. If the full series of treatments is completed and maintenance sessions are well maintained, results can be long lasting.

Micro-current Non-Surgical Facelift –Single Session – $105

Buy Five Sessions and get a Sixth Session for Free – $525

Maintenance Sessions – $55


Micro Needling

Micro Needling is a collagen induction treatment. It is becoming one of the most in demand treatments for its ability to build new collagen, improve skin tone and texture and fade scars without surgery or downtime!

The benefits of Micro Needling include increasing new collagen and elastin production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and texture and fading acne scars. Microneedling uses the body’s own healing process by creating very small, controlled wounds in the dermis with very thin micro needles. Following the micro needling treatment, the body begins to heal the dermis by creating even more new collagen and elastin; resulting in smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. The skin may appear slightly pink for a day or two after the treatment.

Derma Pen Treatment (Face & Neck) – $225

Spot treatment: Isolated Scars or Wrinkles – $50



Express Facial – $49

If you are always on the go, an express facial may just get you to relax! Lynn will start with a deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by LED light therapy to penetrate an appropriate serum and mask and then a moisturizer to match your skin type.

Custom blended Herbal Facial – $90

This facial begins with a deep cleansing, followed by a gentle exfoliation, to reveal smooth, glowing skin. A face, head, neck and shoulder massage will help you to relax. LED light therapy will be used to penetrate a revitalizing masque, followed by an all organic nourishing moisturizer selected specifically for your skin’s needs which will hydrate, protect and help restore the natural balance of your skin.

Vitamin C Facial – $100

This all organic, bio available Vitamin C facial will help reduce inflammation and can help with rosacea. It starts with a deep cleansing and light exfoliation. A Vitamin C mask will then be penetrated with LED light therapy followed by Vitamin C serum and an appropriate moisturizer. This facial includes a head, neck and shoulder massage.

Anti Aging Facial – $150

This facial will turn back time! It begins with one pass of microdermabrasion and a light chemical peel to exfoliate any dead skin cells. Next an appropriate mask will be applied and penetrated with LED light therapy to help it absorb into your skin and help to produce collagen and fight aging. The mask is followed by an appropriate organic serum and moisturizer to specifically suit your skin type. A head, neck and shoulder massage is included so that you leave feeling younger and rejuvenated!

Hyper Pigmentation Facial – $125

This facial is used to lighten trouble spots. It begins with one pass of microdermabrasion. A chemical peel using mandelic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from organic bitter almonds) is then applied. The peel is followed by a lightening serum which is penetrated with high frequency current. You finish with an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. A series of these facials is recommended for best results.

Acne Treatment Facial – $125

This facial begins with cleansing and facial steaming using a custom blended tea to suit your unique needs. Microdermabrasion and extractions will be performed if appropriate. This is followed by a peel that is suited to your skin type. An organic mask will then be applied and penetrated with blue LED light to help kill bacteria and reduce future breakouts. High frequency LED therapy will also be used to kill bacteria and treat blemishes. An appropriate serum or moisturizer will finish this facial.

Aroma Touch Therapy – $40

You will enjoy the pampering of aroma touch therapy. Eight essential oils are used to relax, reduce pain, boost your immune system and promote homeostasis. These oils will be massaged into the head, neck, shoulders, back and bottoms of the feet. Light reflexology will also be performed on your feet and your calves will be massaged. Look forward to complete relaxation!



Diamond Microdermabrasion


  • One Pass – $20
  • Two Passes – $30
  • Three Passes – $50


DNA Stem Cell Therapy – $27

Lip Treatment with Derma Pen – $50

Eye Treatment (Discoloration/Wrinkles) – $25

LED Therapy with Facial – $25

Custom Blending Skin Care – $25

Aroma Touch Therapy added to any service – $30

Micro-current Touch Up – $55

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